Doctors’ Day: Mercy Philadelphia Hospital Golden Stethoscope Awards

Mercy Philadelphia Hospital announced the winners of its Golden Stethoscope Awards today. The Golden Stethoscope Awards are colleague-voted awards given out annually at the Doctors’ Day Luncheon.

And the Golden Stethoscope goes to …

Golden Stethoscope on whiteBest Penmanship:

Priyanka T. Bhattacharya, MD, hospitalist


Daniel J. Sung, MD, hospitalist

Best Bedside Manner:

David J. Addley, DO, cardiovascular disease

Quickest to Answer Beeper:

Daniel J. Sung, MD, hospitalist

Best Dressed:

Gerald L. DeVaughn, MD, cardiovascular disease


Ravindra C. Hallur, MD, hospitalist

Most Dedicated:

John B. Fobia, MD, general and vascular surgery (tie)
Sushma Kaveti, MD, hospitalist (tie)

Best Leader:

Kevin S. Fleming, MD, hospitalist

Hardest Worker:

Gul Madison, MD, infectious disease

Best Team Player:

Malgorzata E. Goralczyk, MD, radiology

Best Personality:

Arafat Hakim, MD, hospitalist

Congratulations to all of our winners! And thank you to all of our MPH physicians for their dedication and commitment to caring for our community!

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