Doctors’ Day: Mercy Philadelphia Hospital Golden Stethoscope Awards

GoldenStethoscope-wpMercy Philadelphia Hospital announced the winners of its Golden Stethoscope Awards today. The Golden Stethoscope Awards are colleague-voted awards given out annually at the Doctors’ Day Luncheon.

And the Golden Stethoscope goes to …

Best Penmanship:
Priyanka T. Bhattacharya, M.D., hospitalist

Sushma Kaveti, M.D., hospitalist

Best Bedside Manner:
Daniel Sung, M.D., hospitalist

Quickest to Answer Beeper:
James McMaster, D.O., internal medicine

Best Dressed:
John Fobia, M.D., vascular surgery, general surgery

Michael Korman, M.D., pulmonary medicine

Most Dedicated:
Fatima Babar, M.D., hospitalist, geriatric medicine

Best Leader:
Ravindra C. Hallur, M.D., neurological surgery

Hardest Worker:
Rotem Friede, M.D., critical care medicine, intensivist

Best Team Player:
Allen Kagan, M.D., hospitalist

Best Personality:
David Addley, D.O., cardiovascular disease

Congratulations to all of our winners! And thank you to all of our MPH physicians for their dedication and commitment to caring for our community!

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